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Five Tips For A Successful College Experience

Five Tips For A Successful College Experience
Five Tips For A Successful College Experience

College can be a very rewarding situation. If you get fired up about it, you can challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible. You need to jump right into the fray, and not be frazzled by anything or anyone. You are the one who is ultimately in control of your college achievements and successful college experience.

Here are five easy tips for achieving a successful college experience:

1. It’s better to turn an assignment in late, than not at all. It’s better to have an excellent late assignment, than a poor effort that’s turned in on time.

If you have to turn in an assignment, and you have no time remaining to complete it, take evasive action. Tell your professor (privately) what the situation is. Buy more time and turn in your assignment late. If you rush, and turn in a piece of trash, your grades and your education will suffer. If you turn in an excellent late assignment, you may be docked points, but you will maintain a high level of quality.

2. Develop solid reading, writing and communication skills

Practice honing your reading, writing and communication skills, because that’s what college is all about. Your future employer will not care that much about what you got on your midterm. You future employer would rather have a well-rounded employee whose capable of comprehending material and communicating effectively.

3. Associate with productive people

Find encouraging comrades. Build a network of intelligent contacts, and pool your knowledge resources together. The more people you know that can have their stuff together, the more likely you’ll be able to develop solid study habits of your own.

4. Learn from people who got there before you did

Find out the inside scoop from the people that have come before you. Not sure about a certain professor, ask around for opinions. What about your major? Before you declare, you should investigate the department you’’re considering. Talk to students that have already gone through the motions and are familiar with the courses, faculty and bureaucracy.

5. Figure out how to get around quickly

Know your way around campus and the surrounding area. On campus, find cool places to hang out, and quiet corners where you can get some studying done. Explore your surroundings. Meet a local and have them show you around the town. Branch out to other areas in the region. Drive around and just see what’s out there. Find a cozy dive bar or movie theater. Hunt for book, thrift and record stores. The more familiar you are with your college territory, the more enjoyable things you’ll find to do.

College is an experience that needs to be savored. Chew your particular college flavor slowly, and enjoy it. Make the most of your university time, but remember to have fun while pursuing a successful college experience.

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